Live at Smuget

The CD was recorded at the jazz club "Smuget" in Oslo, on May 21 and 22, 1996. No overdubs or electronic editing have been applied to this record, which has been produced by Örjan Fahlström.


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Sandvika Storband

"Greenhouse - Live At Smuget"Greenhouse Live at Smuget CD Cover


1. Nutville lydfil7

(H. Silver, arr.: G. Hopkins)

Soli: Biørn Barlo ts, Kåre Nymark jr. tp, Helge Lien p

2. The Touch of Your Lips lydfil6(R. Noble, arr.: Rob McConnell)

Soli: Eckhard Baur fl.h., Arne Oftedal ts

3. (It's Just) Talk lydfil5(P. Metheny, arr.: B. Curnow)

Soli: Eckhard Baur tp, Helge Lien p

4. Le Belleclaire Blues lydfil4(J. Morrison)

Arne Oftedal ts

5. Blue Daniel lydfil3(F. Rosolino, arr.: R. McConnell)

Soli: Birger Carlsen tb, Tor Pundsnes tb

6. Au Privave lydfil2(C. Parker, arr.: R. Pronk)

Soli: Kåre Nymark jr. tp, Marius Haltli tp

7. When You're Smiling/Greenhouse lydfil1(L. Shay, J. Goodwin, M. Fisher, arr.: Tom Kubis/Rick Wilkins)

Soli: Birger Carlsen tb, Biørn Barlo ts, Eckhard Baur tp, Håvard Capersen g


Leader/Trombone: Birger Carlsen

Woodwinds: Kåre Løchsen, Vidar Sæther, Biørn Barlo, Arne Oftedal, Jon Bakkelund.

TrUmpets/Flügelhorns: Frank Brodahl, Birgit Kjuus, Marius Haltli, Kåre Nymark jr., Ekjhard Baur.

Trombonesr: Tor Pundsnes, Audun Øksendal, Bjørn Tveøy, Øistein Vethe.

Piano: Helge Lien, Guitar: Håvard Caspersen, Bass Helge O. Ellingsen, Drums: Børre Dahlhaug.




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