A Novel Approach - CD album

40th anniversary
Featuring: Mathias Eick, Jacob Young and Øyvind Brække

The jazz big band setting features the Mathias Eick, Jacob Young and Øyvind Brække as soloists. All compositions are originals by Young and Eick and all arrangement are by Brække. His creative arranging augments the music and the performance.
The band’s musical director Frank Brodahl’s production gives the recording its distinguished sound and expression.
Sandvika Storband documents 40 years of dedicated work and progress by this recording, the 11th from the band. The collaboration with these great artists and a novel approach to the music in the big band context creates a fascinating set.


Sandvika Storband - A Novel Approach

A Novel Approach


1. Biermann (5:23)

(Mathias Eick / arr: Øyvind Brække)

2. The Promise (7:08)

(Jacob Young / arr: Jacob Young/ Øyvind Brække)

3. St. Ella (5:46)

(Jacob Young / arr: Jacob Young / Øyvind Brække)

4. December (5:16)

(Mathias Eick / arr: Øyvind Brække) 

5. Mr. Cosmopolitan (6:07)

(Jacob Young / arr: Jacob Young / Øyvind Brække)

6. Near South End (6:55)

(Jacob Young / arr: Jacob Young / Øyvind Brække)

7. October (5:46)

(Mathias Eick / arr: Øyvind Brække)

8. Williamsburg (9:31)

(Mathias Eick /arr: Øyvind Brække)

9. Endings (6:58)

(Jacob Young / arr: Jacob Young/ Øyvind Brække) 


Total (time): 58:52


a novel approach artistsSome background for the album ”a Novel Approach”


I´m very proud to present this album! In fact ”The Sandvika Big Band” is not just another big band to me! I was a member of the band as 2nd trombone player the years 1988-1991. Being a member of the band at that time presented me for a lot of classic charts from big band composers and arrangers. In addition, it gave me the first experience to play with top international jazz musicians, a great place to be for a young big band lover!


The idea for the music of this record was conceived as the result of a process spanning back to 2006 when I was commisioned by the Sandvika Big Band Festival to write arrangements on the music of Mathias Eick for him as a soloist in front of the Sandvika Big Band. Later, in 2009 the project was put on a tour and this time I included the great guitarist and composer Jacob Young in the line-up. I worked with him back in 2001 with his album ‘Glow’ , and I knew he now had a quintet with Mathias as the trumpet voice, which had been touring around in Europe and Asia the last five years.


The tour with Sandvika Big Band turned out great with music from both of Young`s two ECM releases, ‘Evening Falls"  and ’Sideways’  as well as from his ‘Glow’ album, mixed with Eicks material from the ‘Door’ and even the fresh tune ‘Biermann’ which appeared on Mathias´ second ECM album ‘Skala’, released in March this year.


I would like to thank producer Frank Brodahl for keeping me on a tight leash during the recording process and for rehearsing and mixing this music for hours.


Also thanks to Audun Øksendal for making this happen practically – and for having this great ”novel” idea of making chamber jazz of ECM into big band orchestrations.


- in fact, I think no other big band in Norway could come up with a concept like this!


Øyvind Brække



Musical director: Frank Brodahl


Kåre Løchsen: lead alto sax, soprano sax, piccolo, flute, clarinet
Sissel Meinseth: alto sax, flute(lead), alto flute
Biørn Barlo: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
Hallvard Nyrud: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
Jon Bakkelund: baritone sax, bass clarinet


Bjørn Asper: lead trumpet, flugelhorn
Kim Koffeld: trumpet, flugelhorn
Andreas Løvold: trumpet, flugelhorn
Axel Vetlesen: trumpet, flugelhorn


Audun Øksendal: lead trombone
Audun Breen: trombone
Bjørn Tveøy: trombone
Øistein Vethe: bass trombone


Håvard Graff: piano
Sverre Hanstad: guitar
Jan Olav Renvåg: bass
Børre Arveng: drums





Mathias Eick: trumpet

Jacob Young: guitar

Øyvind Brække: trombone



1. Biermann- Mathias Eick
2. The Promise - Jacob Young (intro), Mathias Eick, Audun Breen
3. St. Ella - Jacob Young / Øyvind Brække, Jan Olav Renvåg
4. December - Jacob Young, Mathias Eick
5. Mr. Cosmopolitan - Jacob Young, Håvard Graff
6. Near South End - Øyvind Brække, Mathias Eick
7. October  - Mathias Eick, Øyvind Brække
8. Williamsburg - Håvard Graff, Mathias Eick, Jacob Young

9. Endings - Håvard Graff, Biørn Barlo, Sverre Hanstad, Jan Olav Renvåg


Recorded in March / April 2010 at Trumpet Jungle Records studio

Producer: Frank Brodahl
Co-producer: Øyvind Brække
Recording engineer: Frank Brodahl
Mixing engineer: Javed Kurd
Mastered at Strype Audio by Audun Strype
Project coordinator: Audun Øksendal
Design: Michael Hare
Photos of SSB: Harald Opheim

SSCD6 P&C 2011 Distributed by Musikkoperatørene



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