Live at Bærum Kulturhus

CD med Frode Kjekstad og Frank Brodahl

Sandvika Storbands 10. utgivelse – ”Live at Bærum Kulturhus” ble spilt inn i februar 2005. Tidligere bandmedlem Frode Kjekstad er komponist, arrangør og hovedsolist på gitar i en musikk som kan karakteriseres som melodisk, variert, hardtswingende og rytmisk og med et solidfeste i blues-og jazztradisjonen.


Live at Bærum Kulturhus CD Cover

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Jazznytt 6:2005
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A greenhouse within Norwegian music / A greenhouse for Norwegian jazz


Each Monday evening, a little miracle occurs by the banks of the Sandvika river just outside Oslo: 18 people, each from different backgrounds and professions, come together out of love for the same music - and practise it to a highly advanced level of artistry. The combination of professional musicians, students and talented amateurs, playing side by side, together with the band’s frequent collaborations with leading international stars from the firmament of jazz, has made Sandvika Big Band a considerable greenhouse within the Norwegian jazz scene.


During the 35 years of its history, Sandvika Big Band’s musical direction has varied between what is referred to as "classic, modern, big band swing", and contemporary music. The band's live Oslo Concert House recording from 1980 is an example of the former style, followed by “Sister, You Ain’t Had The Blues” (1983), “Come Rain or Come Shine” (1989), “Greenhouse” (1996), and “Lining Up” (1999). Conversely, recordings featuring music by Kjell Samkopf and Terje Rypdal in 1987 and 1991 broke new musical ground. The band’s music, in both cases, has reached far and wide - and well beyond Norway’s national boundaries.

This recording unites, for the first time, these two directions on one CD. New Norwegian compositions have been chosen that are also firmly anchored in the swinging, “classic”, big band style. The band’s former guitarist Frode Kjekstad has also returned to deliver a top-notch performance, in good Sandvika Big Band tradition: where those who learnt their trade here return to share their experiences with the next generation. The current musical director, Frank Brodahl, is another member whose links to Sandvika Big Band stretch back over many years.

Let “Live at Bærum Kulturhus” stand as a tribute to all those musicians who are, or have been, linked in some way to the greenhouse that is Sandvika Big Band.


Birger Carlsen
Former musical director (1989 – 1991 and1993 – 2003), trombonist and dedicated fan


01 Midnight State of Mind 7:00
- soloists : Frode Kjekstad / Hallvard Nyrud
02 Dorian Craze 6:59
- soloists : Frode Kjekstad / Marius Haltli
03 Brooklyn Bound 4:47
- soloist : Frode Kjekstad
04 Autumn In Rome 6:27
- soloist : Axel Vetlesen
05 Rafa Blues 5:32
- soloists : Lars Martin Vik / Tor Pundsnes / Frode Kjekstad
06 Moon Song 5:56
- soloist : Frank Brodahl
07 Funky Fingers 3:54
- soloists : Frode Kjekstad / Marius Graff
The Nightcup Suite :
08 After Hours 2:54
- soloist : Frode Kjekstad
09 Hours After 4:09
- soloists : Axel Vetlesen / Audun Øksendal / Marius Haltli
10 The Nightcup Shuffle 5:21
- soloists : Frode Kjekstad / Kåre Løchsen / Espen Ellefsen

Frode Kjekstad : guitar soloist / all compositions / arrangements

Mixed by Truls Birkeland : Frode Kjekstad : Frank Brodahl
Produced by Frank Brodahl for Trumpet Jungle Records
Mastered by Jørn Simenstad : Lindberg Lyd
Recorded by Engine Ears : Truls Birkeland / Cris Sansom
Design : Lillian Korstad
Coverfoto : Damian Heinisch : © Snøhetta
SSB foto : Knut Bjerke


The project was supported by grants from FOND FOR LYD OG BILDE og Bærum Kommune
SSB would like to thank Snøhetta for the use of their photos.
Frode Kjekstad would like to thank : Aina Fridén : Rafael : Frank Brodahl
Birger Carlsen : Lars Rønn : Palle Wagnberg : Randy Johnston : Karen Svendsrud

©2005 Trumpet Jungle Records (NOTJR0501010)


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